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Egregious Waste by RedPlum

RedPlum is guilty of one of the most egregious wastes of paper you will find. Every week, they stuff your mailbox with page after page of garbage. Maybe ten percent of the recipients actually utilize the coupons, but the rest of us simply toss them directly into the recycle bin or even worse the garbage. According to New York University Law School, “44% of junk mail is thrown away unopened, but only half that much junk mail (22%) is recycled”. Junk mail in the United States along is responsible for the loss of more than 100 million trees, every single year. This is unacceptable, and every one of us is responsible for making a dent in this total. The dent starts small, nearly immeasurable. But over time, with momentum, that impact grows. But we all count, every person who opts out. And you can feel good about it, you can feel good about reducing your impact on this planet in just a few minutes.

It takes some sleuthing, but you can OPT OUT right from the RedPlum website. Get this, it takes them five to six weeks to actually process the request. If only Trump took that long to write a tweet. So, what are you waiting for. In five to six weeks you can be proud of taking one positive step to reduce waste and chip away at conserving your portion of about 1.5 trees, every year. The planet thanks you.

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