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Change. Can it be influenced by just a single person? By how much? I continue to have hope that positive change is possible. We face ever growing political and institutional challenges, but there are victories. I’d like to help make those small victories by working with people and organizations that inspire change and embrace values like equality and compassion. If you discriminate against protected classes or enable discrimination through your actions or inactions, I’ve got no intention of working with you.


I made a conscious decision not to have children a long time ago. In large part, that decision was made in an effort to limit my negative impact on this planet and the resources which we all share. In my daily life I do indeed try to leave as little impact as possible. I try hard not to negatively impact other people, animals, or the planet. I’m far from perfect: I drive and fly, I am not a strict vegetarian, I have an abundance of things to make my life comfortable and my job possible, etc. But I’ll be damned if I don’t stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, open doors for strangers, minimize consumption, and try to make sure that me living my life doesn’t impact you living your life. I call it being socially responsible, ¬†and it’s a cornerstone of my character.

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