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Social responsibility, what does that mean to you? Do you think about the global consequences of local actions? Do you believe in science based empirical evidence? Is it possible to have faith without relying on mythological figures to make decisions?

These are just some of the examples of what I mean when I think of social responsibility. These are examples of ‘low hanging fruit’. Things that require very little effort to implement. If enough people take that tiny effort, real change can happen.

I’m not asking for perfection, nobody is. But small, incremental, conscious change is possible.

Resist With Politicards

A quick, easy, anonymous way to resist the Trump campaign. Despite promises, the current administration is poised to take us back decades in environmental protection, as well as a great many other abhorrent acts that are honestly too many to list. So grab a Mad Lib and speak your mind, flood your representatives with ‘politicards’, and follow up by calling and expressing your disgust of their agendas. Browse HERE.

Say NO to Palm Oil

Palm oil is destroying some of the last remaining vestiges of intact rainforest we have left. There are many options to this product and simply reading a label and choosing products without palm oil is very easy. Choose, and then let the companies you don’t choose know WHY. Influence change with your dollars. MORE coming soon.

Fight for your Right

The system is broken. Government, big and small, has lost morals and ethics. The common person has lost the ability to influence change. It’s not that our voices are gone, but they are being ignored. Fight this trend, demand to be heard, and take the time to stand up for yourself. Need help investigating something, please contact me. so go ahead, pick a fight.

Ditch The Plastic

Plastic, never goes away. It’s produced with reckless abandon and used unabashedly. Consciously choose alternatives when you can. Some easy to eliminate ideas can be found here and I will have MORE coming soon.

Meat Me At the Farm

Production of the amount of meat that American’s consume requires commercial scale  meat production. This entails treatment of animals in a fashion that would make you cringe, weep, and vomit. But most people are blissfully unaware. Food co-ops, farmers markets, family farms, and other alternatives are available. MORE coming soon.

We Are Not Alone

This battle is being fought on many fronts. There are countless individuals who have decided to champion change by taking many different paths. These are just a small handful.  MORE coming soon.

Opt Out of Junk Mail

Junk mail can be incredibly hard to eliminate or reduce. For whatever reason, the companies responsible for it seem dead set against you turning off the spigot. The numbers are staggering, but you can beat it. HERE are some strategies.